Friday, 29 December 2006

Alex Floum admits to gatekeeping

Here is someone acknowledging that they are being a gatekeeper. Alex

Floum is stating he is censoring the truth movement for his personal

needs. Is that science or politics?

Is this why got 911blogger to censor the truth?

Is this why he is destroying the truth movement?

>From: ""

>To:, "Fred Burks" ,

> "Thomas J. Mattingly" ,

> "Morgan Reynolds" ,

> "Rick Siegel" ,,





> "Chris Poate" ,

> "KEVIN RYAN" , "Frank Legge" ,


>Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 14:23:15 -0500

>Subject: Directed Energy Weapons





> I have received many emails recently, many of them threatening me

>physically, defaming me, or otherwise not very helpful, saying that

>I'm a bad guy because I am a "gatekeeper" against the theory that

>directed energy weapons brought down the world trade center.


> You should know that those who have attacked me have delayed by

>months or years my openness to considering those theories. When I

>am being threatened by state bar complaints, lawsuits, physical

>attacks, defamation all over the web, and power-struggles within a

>group I helped founded, sorry but I am just not going to very open

>to thoughtfully considering what those who have been attacking me

>are saying.


> That isn't very surprising, is it?



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