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Controlled Demolitions and Common Sense

By theWebfairy
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Many people call those who understand physics "conspiracy theorists". Steel framed buildings are over-designed. Thinking that one could collapse at freefall speed from anything other than a controlled demolition is absurd. In order for a collapse at free fall speed, the underlying floors need to be removed before the floors above. It's something called Conservation of Momentum, and anyone not familiar with this should educate themselves before making a fool of themselves using the CT term again.

Former Clemson Univ Mechanical Engineering Professor Judy Wood already PROVED controlled demolitions, and her paper "A Refutation of the Official Collapse Theory" has not been refuted. (Google it, but I can't post the link because wikipedia blacklisted it.)

Also look at her paper "Star Wars Beam Weapon". Contrary to Steven Jones "thermate", the Star Wars Beam Weapon theory takes into account ALL of the evidence. Anyone having even the tiniest bit of scientific reasoning skills should know that a hypothesis is only valid if it accounts for ALL of the evidence. I encourage all to carefully look through her papers and try to understand the information her reveals.

For instance, she says the towers did not collapse, but were blown up from from the top down with a high-energy device.

Mount St Helens - Erupting Volcano - Massive Energy Release: [1]

Nevada Desert - Nuclear Blast - Massive Energy Release: [2]

WTC - Controlled Demolition or Impact Damage/Fires? - Massive Energy Release: [3] [4]

Some of her evidence is:

1. Concrete pulverized to powder in a way that cannot be accounted in a standard controlled demolition. (i.e. more than 50% of samples under 100 microns)

2. Videos show steel spire turning to dust and trickling down.

3. Photographs of Ground Zero showing no signs of enough concrete and steel to account for two 110 story towers.

4. Downtown Manhattan not flooded. (If one million tons of towers collapsed on the slurry wall / bathtub, it would have broken through and flooded New York.)

5. Toasted cars over half a mile from Ground Zero. (Check out the numerous pictures in her "Star Wars" paper)

6. Round holes in the roof of WTC 5

7. a large vertical chunk missing from WTC 6

8. seismic readings too low

That's just a small sampling!!

Controlled demolitions at the WTC has been scientifically proven *long ago*, as the government's version defies basic laws of physics. At this point it's just a matter of figuring out what method was used for the demolition.

BTW, is everyone aware that GWB gave a speech (broadcast live on FOX) where he talks about Muslims planting bombs in the buildings?

As prominent conservative Paul Craig Roberts says: "How could government complicity be kept a secret? It can be kept a secret, because so many Americans are scientifically ignorant and emotionally weak. They are incapable of realizing the contradiction in the government’s claim that the WTC buildings “pancaked” at free fall speed, and they are emotionally incapable of confronting the evil of the Bush regime."

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