Saturday, 23 March 2013

Evil is a lie- The nature of psychopaths

Somebody said:
"religious ideology is WHAT caused 9/11 (either the official story or the alternate one)".

Well I would say yes and no.

Consider this outlook:

There IS a group that seeks to control the World. This is explained below.

This group created all of the organized religions in order to establish and further their control. These religions are actually cults.

This group also created their own religion (cult), incorporating into it rituals, symbols and very real "esoteric" knowledge from great civilisations that had preceeded them. THE KNOWLEDGE INCLUDED A THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR and this was essential in order that such control mechanisms (the cults) could be created and used to manipulate social history.

The cult of this group and it's rituals provides the members of this group with a belief system that is used to rationalise their collective action. Any aspects of their knowledge that may be described as both spiritual and real is simply higher understanding and the claimed connection of it to their alleged religion is a lie. As is their religion itself.

Their religion is a lie used to hide the most terrible mental illness of all. (All of these cults are a reflection of the mental illness that created them.).

They talk of "duality", and through the "Old Testament" (which is only a false history of a fictitious destructive god and the fictitious conquests of the destructive "chosen people", therefore making destruction "godly") they tell us that there is a battle in "Heaven" between "good and evil" and that this must be reflected on Earth, and so that is why "evil" must exist on Earth and in all of our lives.

The concept of "Evil" itself is a lie that is used to hide the mental illness that would rather see things destroyed than be unable to control them.

This illness has been understood in a little-known science that was developed under conditions of state terror.

The scientists themselves had delusions (I won't go into here) that the intent of the invention of Communism was good, but they saw that Communism had brought about conditions of terror. Fuelled by the delusions of Communism having been a Humanitarian concept, they set out to find out WHY EVIL ALWAYS DEVELOPS AT THE TOP OF A SOCIAL STRUCTURE. Their findings explain why Human social history has been the way it has, and what drives it.

Their findings also show us how to end the greatest spoiler of what should have been a beautiful Human social history once and for all.
The answer they found is an extremely common mental illness, which is NEVER DISCUSSED OR MENTIONED by any part of their system, because they never want you to understand these concepts:


A psychopath is not some raging lunatic.

A psychopath is a person who has NO EMPATHY. it's that simple.

Empathy is the scale for the Golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.

The Golden rule is ESSENTIAL for harmonious social interaction.

Psychopathy is a very real condition, and the study found that 1 IN 6 PEOPLE ARE PSYCHOPATHS.

Psychopaths can recognise other psychopaths readily in crowds, and they tend to congregate and get on with each other straightaway.


The most profound effect of a lack of empathy is that it makes a person averse to controlling their own behaviour on account of being in a social environment. Some psychopaths are able to deal with this and integrate with normal people while others will openly display a disregard for others which may or may not include violence, but when this aversion is severe and the individual is intelligent and capable the person will strive to achieve a position of control, and will normally be successful because people that are not psychopathic will never fight as hard or as dirty for such positions. Once in a control position, psychopaths then place other psychopaths in subordinate roles. In this way they protect themselves collectively from having to feel "controlled" by behaviour protocols based on empathy.

For some, only ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING can ever be enough, and they would rather see everything destroyed than be unable to have such control. Such people suffer from the most extreme form of psychopathy, and it is indeed the most terrible mental illness of all, and all of the woes of Human social history can be blamed on this illness, up to and including the current supposedly final part of their plan to cull the World's population drastically and have microchipped people living in restricted environments, and only a poisoned Earth outside.

There are different things that can cause psychopathy:

Inherited genetical condition.

Severe trauma, especially when young. Ritual circumcisions, modern birth practices and early vaccinations are all harmful in this respect.

Acquired mental behaviour (from peer group, family or social group). Acquired mental behaviour can be reinforced if the individual is aware of being in a position where the social group has strong blackmail controls over them, which is the purpose of many wrongful things that these individuals do either in ritual or in the established lifestyle of the social group. Secret societies operate in this way as do gangs of thugs. Kay Griggs explains that this is how the US military top brass are controlled too:

If it could be achieved across the board in the advanced countries that psychopathy was recognised and tested for, and that no psychopath be allowed to hold any position of power or authority, then we would have a World that we could love.
POLITICAL PONEROLOGY is the SCIENCE that has allowed us to understand why psycopaths are driven to achieve positions of power, and why for some no amount of control is ever enough for them: