Friday, 29 December 2006

Hunt the WTC rubble

Hunt the Rubble

From Ace Baker

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9/11 Riddle: What Happened to the Floors?

The "collapses" of the twin towers left surprisingly little rubble, given the enormity of the buildings. Some very large percentage of the non-metallic content evidently was converted into a fine, dense powder and ejected far and wide.

Even WTC7, which "collapsed" on 9/11 also, left a much taller pile, despite being less than half the height initially.

In addition to all the walls, furniture, computers, heavy machinery, carpet, wiring, plumbing, and human beings, each tower had 110 steel-reinforced concrete floors in steel pans supported by steel trusses. Where did these go?

HTR: Bad Taste?

By formatting this as a game, I do not mean to make light of the fact that around 3000 innocent people lost their lives. Finding out what really happened is the sincerest form of respect, and that search must encompass detailed observation. I have discovered that the only way some people can bear to study 9/11 is through games or music. If HTR can stimulate people to wonder and ask important questions, it has served its purpose.

The scale of the superimposed twin towers is correct compared to ground zero.

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A Friendly Game of 9/11 Hide-and-Seek
Study the first few links, learn to recognize your "holy grail", and survey the field of play. Then move on to Round 1. A Grand Prize awaits any winner. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Holy Grail

Intact towers

Intact towers with GZ foreground

GZ with towers


Pakistan Earthquake Collapse

Round 1: Where is a floor assembly?

Bonus Round!

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