Sunday, 17 December 2006

Steven Jones, Hiding the true nature of reality

Hiding the true nature of reality

Hiding the true nature of reality is how the elite are able to manipulate world events.

A very long time ago, books were burned, and those with knowledge were murdered.

And cultures were invaded, and those with knowledge within them were murdered.

From then on the way we have seen the world has not been accurate.

Many of those who have been presented in "history" as "great discoverers" were in fact agents of the elite using their advanced knowledge to spin a tale of deceit to hide the true nature of reality whilst at the same time seeming to explain it.

One excellent example of this would be Karl Marx, who presented what seemed to be a bullet-proof scientific method that could be applied to the development of Human society. Of course it was fraudulent and omitted the manipulation of history by a network of secret societies, of which Marx was an agent, that would take over the Russian empire, funded by their banking agents in New York. (They also funded Hitler).

Another example would be PROFESSOR STEVEN JONES, who presented what seemed to be a bullet-proof scientific method to explain the collapse of the WTC towers as a result of the use of traditional explosives, namely thermite.

Of course it was fraudulent and omitted the fact that the towers were reduced completely to dust in a manner unachievable by traditional methods. Unlike Marx's work though, Jones's hypothesis can be pulled apart easily, and his explanations ignore many things that are inconsistent and untenable. His role was also to hide the true nature of reality, i.e. that only directed energy weapons of the secret type could have caused the destruction in New York. And of course he had an intended role of leading the "truth movement", a religious-type cult that is based on blind faith in leaders, who tell their followers what information they can and can't look at.

Especially information regarding how no planes hit the towers and how only directed energy weapons could have caused the type of destruction witnessed on S11.

When Jones presented his thermite hypothesis, he presented video and photographs of burning areas that had had their colour balance altered. That was not the first time he has used images with altered colour balance to present a fraudulent case for the true nature of reality. He presented a colour-falsified photo of a stone to try and show that it came from another country. These were rocks with Jesus on them.

Those weren't Jones's only effort in hiding reality from the world either. He was directly responsible for stopping fruitful research on the cold fusion process that would have made "fossil" fuel use obsolete. So he stole free energy from the world.

Jones sabotaged cold fusion research

Then he has the audacity to say he is saving the planet by taking solar cookers to "developing" countries.

Jones is just a small part of the machinery that hides true reality from us, though he has played a major role in killing free energy.

The largest part of the brainwashing machine is the combined media, which fed us with repeated images of a plane hitting the South tower that were at the end of the day added animations, in order to traumatise us and stop us questioning the reality of what we were being told.

The media brainwashing machine is their most powerful tool. To expose it as such will deal a heavy blow to the machinery the elite use to control popular thinking.

That is why, the most important issue of S11 is that there were no planes that crashed.

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