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Battle for S911T- Fetzer Vs Burks

Of course, if your enemy has infiltrated your camp and you are weeding them out then you are being devisive. Polarising. Getting rid of the filth.

Here is Jim Fetzer's reply to a smearing from Fred Burks (shown below, with chevrons), who would like people to think that Jim is the problem, embracing "concepts" that cause division, when in fact Steven Jones, Alex Floum et al are all greatly concerned with filtering the evidence to be discussed by their followers, and thereby keeping the real truth hidden.

In case anyone remains in doubt about what we are up against, I send this for your contemplation. This is a dirty fight to destroy us by any means.

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Subject: Those Who Divide and Those Who Unite Us: Look in the Mirror!

To: Fred Burks , "Thomas J. Mattingly" , Morgan Reynolds , Rick Siegel ,,,

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Speaking of disinformation agents, Fred, since you have been a translator for Presidents, including, I take it, George W. Bush, and serving in that capacity requires the highest security classification, what, precisely, is your history with the intelligence agencies of the United States? Tell us about how long and in what capacity you have known Alex Floum and what kind of activities or operations, at home or abroad, you may have engaged in with him or separately? You know so little about the society and yet have taken such a major role in creating havoc as the recipient of what appears to be properly classified as akin to stolen properly, what right to you have to raise questions about me? I am a former Marine Corps officer who has published 28 books and hundreds of articles and reviews, founded an international journal and an international society, and held distinguished professorships. My life is very much an open book ( You, on the contrary, are a smooth talker who is doing whatever he can to subvert the search for truth within the 9/11 movement. You are perfectly willing to make false assertions and palm them off as true. I am opposed to no-plane-at-the-WTC theories and my opposition to them has long been in print on our site's Resoures page. The South Tower came down in 10 seconds according to The 9/11 Commission Report (page 305, in case you have never read it) and the NIST has used figures of 9 and 11 seconds, while a billiard ball in a vacuum would take more than 9, which means, as I have explained to you several times, that the buildings cannot have come down under the influence of gravity alone but have to have been destroyed using powerful explosives that the government cannot explain. The calculation about a grand piano taking as much as 30 seconds to hit the ground was correct, given specific variables of weight and configuration in which the open lid functioned like a parachute (would you also deny that a piano with a parachute could take even longer to hit the ground?), while the values advanced by Jones were not even physically possible. If you want to review the bidding here, go to "Scholars: On its First Anniversary", where I discuss it, and to, where it is examined in minute detail. Floum acquired the domain names at my direction and on behalf of the society. Why else would Alex have obtained them? Is he a collector of domain names? Were you privy to our conversations about this? You say it is difficult to identify agents of disinformation. But, in this very post, you are (clearly

deliberately) conveying false information with the purpose of advancing your own political agenda. In case you are again talking about matters that you do not understand, that is the classic definition of a disinformation agent! You appear to me to have an assignment. Is it your mission to destroy the search for 9/11 truth? Your actions powerfully suggest to me this is true. I cannot imagine anyone who studies this exchange ever taking you seriously again. The evidence shows that you are either ignorant or corrupt or both. As I explained to you before, it is a policy of Scholars ("Join us!") that, if either of the chairs determine a member is undermining the goals of the society, they may be removed. You and Alex have deserved removal more than anyone else in the history of the society. I cannot believe the depths of deceit and deception to which you have fallen in attempting to destroy us.

With gratitude and best wishes for a fabulous new year, you have a good day!

James H. Fetzer


Scholars for 9/11 Truth

P.S. Be sure to include this response from me when you reach out to others.

Quoting Fred Burks :

> Dear S9/11T friends,


> As many of you know, I have good connections with many key people in

> the 9/11 movement. David Ray Griffin originally had his eyes opened

> through the website I manage, and I've been a proof reader for him.

> David, Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips of Project Censored, and Paul

> Thompson (who I'll be having lunch with tomorrow) are all members of

> our team. I also have good connections with Barrie

> Zwicker, Carol Brouillet, Gabriel Day, and many others. I plan to

> send an email out to my list of 9/11 leaders describing briefly some

> of what has been going on with Jim and S9/11T. Below is a draft of

> what I plan to send to them. I welcome your thoughts and feedback on

> making it clearer or stronger. Thanks for all you've done to forward

> our cause, and you have a good day!


> With best wishes,

> Fred


> Dear valued members of the 9/11 movement,


> First, I want to thank every one of you for the contributions you

> have made to this movement. Every one of you on this list has played

> a key role in the movement in one form or another. We've seen huge

> breakthroughs in the last year to the point that the 9/11 movement is

> now even debated in the media. Thank you for playing your important

> part. For an excellent compilation of major media articles which have

> been supportive of the movement, click here.


> A common topic which arises in discussions among members of the 9/11

> movement is disinformation agents -- those who are pretending to be

> members of the movement, but are actually on the payroll of the

> perpetrators of 9/11 trying to secretly disrupt the movement. I have

> found that the rampant accusations of various individuals being

> disinformation agents do little to help, and actually tend to hurt

> our cause.


> Yes, of course there are disinformation agents. But it is very

> difficult to determine who is and who is not an agent. That said, it

> is not difficult to tell who is causing division in the movement,

> regardless of whether or not they are disinformation agents or not.

> And it is clear that while some individuals are causing a lot of

> divisiveness, others are working very hard to unite us in the cause.

> I would suggest that rather than spending time and energy blaming

> others in the movement and outing alleged disinformation agents, we

> instead focus on discerning who is consciously or unconsciously

> serving to divide us, and who is serving to unite us. Let us support

> all who are bringing us together in getting the truth of 9/11 out to

> the public.


> I am writing all of this with some sadness. I've been through a

> rather bitter experience in the last month that has resulted in a

> serious division in one important 9/11 group. I am sad to say that I

> have found Prof. Jim Fetzer, one of the founders of the highly

> influential Scholars for 9/11 Truth (S9/11T) movement, to be

> extremely divisive of late.


> Many of you are likely aware that there has been a serious split in

> S9/11T, arising out of a conflict between Prof. Jim Fetzer and Prof.

> Steven Jones, the co-chairs of the group. In mid-November, Fetzer

> began publicly promoting theories that no planes hit the trade

> centers (they were holograms), the towers fell faster than possible

> according to physics, and most infamously that a grand piano would

> take three times as long as a billiard ball to fall from the height

> of the WTC towers (contradicting the findings of Galileo at the Tower

> of Pizza). These claims were made in links direct from the home page

> of the group's website.


> Jones, a physics professor, was understandably disturbed by these

> claims and publicly criticized Fetzer's theories, asking for

> scientific evidence to back his claims. When Fetzer responded by then

> attacking the theories of Jones, some ugly exchanges occurred. Fetzer

> unilaterally "fired" Jones from his co-chair position, claiming that

> as sole founder and the major force of the group, he alone had the

> right to determine what happened with S9/11T. Jones soon thereafter

> resigned in protest from all membership in the group.


> At this point, my personal friend Alex Floum, who was involved in the

> founding of the group (as was I to a small extent), knowing of my

> mediation skills, asked me to contact the two professors to see if

> something might be worked out to avoid a major split in this

> influential and important 9/11 group. Alex at that point, though

> concerned with Fetzer's disturbing claims, was doing his best to be

> neutral in the conflict.


> So about four weeks ago I talked with Jim Fetzer on the phone. He was

> thankful for the call and quite willing to work towards a resolution

> of these differences to prevent a split in the group. However, a

> strange twist happened within days of that phone conversation. As

> S9/11T was originally forming, Alex had on his own initiative

> procured the domain names for the group. At the time this dispute

> arose, he still had ownership of the two URLs of the S9/11T website.

> Fetzer demanded that he turn over ownership of those names

> immediately and threatened to sue Alex if he did not do so. He

> somewhere found a lawyer none of us had ever heard of, Jerry Leaphart,

> who then began more formal legal threats.


> Alex was rightly concerned that Fetzer was not always thinking of the

> good of the group. He thus was very reluctant to turn the domain

> names over without some sort of agreement by the two co-chairs or by

> the steering committee or membership of the group. When threats of a

> lawsuit were not effective, however, Fetzer's lawyer took a new tack

> by threatening to file a complaint to the state bar against Alex, who

> is a lawyer. Though Fetzer had no grounds for a legitimate lawsuit

> against Alex, the state bar complaint literally could end up costing

> Alex his job and means of support for his wife and two young girls.

> As Barrie Zwicker commented to me, this constituted "unconscionable

> bullying" on the part of Fetzer and his lawyer.


> At this point, I determined to step in. I agreed very much that

> turning the domain names over the Fetzer without the approval of the

> membership or at least the steering committee (all of whom later

> either resigned or were unilaterally removed by Fetzer) was highly

> inappropriate. Alex, by the way, was a member of the steering

> committee until Fetzer unilaterally relieved him of that position as

> a result of all of this. Alex asked around to see if any key members

> would be willing to take over trusteeship of the domain names in

> order to take the heat off of him. As no one else stepped forward, I

> agreed and am currently owner as trustee for the group of the domain

> names.


> Those who had been leaders of the S9/11T group before being either

> fired by Jim or resigning are currently working towards a resolution

> of this problem by taking a vote of the full membership (as of the

> time of the split) as to what to do with the domain names. The

> situation is not yet resolved, and I've probably given more details

> than most of you want. Please feel free to contact me if you want

> more information or have suggestions on this.


> The long and short of all this is that, in my opinion, I sadly have

> to say that Jim Fetzer clearly has become one of the most divisive

> people in the 9/11 movement. He has resorted to name calling and

> threats with a number of people. He is planning to set up a new

> steering committee for his group with Rick Siegel as one member. Rick

> is another incredibly divisive individual who has made threats

> particularly to Alex, telling him to "sleep with your eyes open." I

> encourage any of you who have a connection with Fetzer, to work to

> help him to realize what is happening. He has made tremendous

> contributions to the movement and I am very sad that he has become so

> divisive.


> I very much welcome any thoughts on all of this. Most of all, I

> encourage each of us to notice where we might be doing anything that

> is divisive and to choose to work towards uniting our efforts in the

> most effective way towards educating the public to the truth of 9/11

> and demanding that the government release the many secret documents

> and videos related to 9/11, so that we can move forward with creating

> a brighter future for us all. Thanks again for all that you are

> doing, and even as we stop disempowering behavior like that shown by

> Fetzer, let us remember that we are all human and honor the divine

> spark that I know is there in each one of us.


> With gratitude and very best wishes for a fabulous new year, Fred

> Burks



> Deeply committed to what's best for all of us and to personal &

> global transformation through love & empowerment.

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