Sunday, 10 December 2006

WTC building 6

WTC building 6

Many strange events happened on September 11, 2001.

One of the most curious was the damage that occurred to WTC 6.

A huge 8-story vertical hole with straight edges.

And then there was this hole in 2 Liberty street:

So then when you start to look for vertical, circular holes you find many:

And when you look closer you find even more:

This among other things has led to Dr Judy wood examining the hypothesis that a directed energy weapon of some kind, most likely developed under the Star Wars program was used to cause destruction on that day.

There are weapons developed under the Star Wars program that are disclosed and commercially available, such as THEL Tactical High Energy Laser which can shoot down rockets and create an effective force field around a protected area. Such a thing would have been thought of as science fiction only recently:

THEL commercial webpage

Rumsfield questioned about the use of experimental weapons

Visit Dr Woods website to read about the directed energy weapon hypothesis

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