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The Horrible Truth About 911Truth

The Horrible Truth About 911Truth

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Submitted by rick Siegel on Sun, 2007-07-01 01:51.

I had previously spoken out exposing the liars and frauds that abound within the 911truth movement(1) Since doing that it is not strange to find I have won no friends within. When you expose people as liars and frauds they must deny that identification or the game is up – and that will not happen until the fires are at their gate.

First I ask you to ponder the situation of any ruler or ruling class. Use your history books for examples and see if you can find any such class that allowed dissent to go without infiltration, subversion and control The very idea a leader would ignore this makes him an inept leader and even if that were true, those who control will not allow that kind of thing to happen. Lulling the subjects into submissive observance only needs a shred of authority granted from generations of oft-unquestioned loyalty, obedience and even a reverence of past subjugations and traditional caste. An actual romantic attachment if you would to acceptance of frauds. Trained to feel powerless to turn the tide or change the trend.

With that understanding you must enter the realm of governance (in its full sense) vs. conspiracy in the murders and destruction of the three towers in NYC on September 11, 2001. A full accountability of factions with an interest in these events will never be had but the amount of government, financial and royal prerogatives that are in danger of exposure would lead you to an understanding of the vast infiltration that must result. The government itself has put 100 million a year since 2001 into this effort.

A look at the leadership in any of these fractured 911 groups will find it is crowded with x-agents, conmen, religious cult leaders, and people whose lives and income are deeply entrenched in government, cult, corporate and conspiracy group aspirations. This should give you great pause before you hitch your wagon to these stars from the left, right or center.

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