Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Haupt guilty of sabotage at 911researchers

Haupt guilty of sabotage at 911researchers


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Submitted by Coffinman on Sun, 2007-07-15 23:15.

Haupt deleted my account after being proved to be a liar who was trying to discredit me whilst I was in the process of exposing treachery within our community.
Rick has undone the damage and removed his moderator status.
Haupt is trying his best to get himself banned so that he is unable to answer here for himself.
We do not want to do that!
The research and outing of traitors continues!
This is the email I sent him:

[ http://www.coffinman.co.uk/nico_haupt.htm

You’re scared aren’t you?

Why else would you delete my account?

And you know you got the fuck kicked out of you in the argument.

That’s why you left the bold code active in your last message to hide my highlights.

You fight your dirty fight, and I’ll fight my serious one.

We’ll see what happens.]

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