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This was a post that I made early on against Grable's bodyguarding of Wood.
Grable had already put forward that Wood was silent because she did not want to go against Leaphardt's advice.
She had said that this was because women were like that when they had been protected by a man.
It was in response to this post that she made her now famous sexist comment:
[When a man protects a woman it just about guarantees she will not speak out against him. The fear of losing that protection is too great.
I'm a case in point.

I disagree with Holmgren on a number of issues, but I kept quiet out of respect and subservience, cos he bodyguarded me.

I made this post on 13/6/07:

There are different types of bodyguarding.
1. When you assist somebody who is engaged in debate.
2. When you support their credibility in advance of any attack being made.
3. When you jump into a fight that they are avoiding, and fight on their behalf. Version 3 allows the person who is subject to the attack to be unaccountable. Nobody should be unaccountable. Stalin was unaccountable. If the group wishes to have unaccountability for certain members I want no part of it.
Any person considering version 3 bodyguarding should feel beforehand that they know exactly why the person they are fighting for has not spoken up, and should be able to relate that circumstance to us all. Otherwise they are acting according to something they presume. It's okay to presume things, but just don't fight with them. "Women's problems" don't cut it.
Version 3 bodyguarding is what the followers of all the other 911 gurus practice. You can see it on YouTube threads and etc.. At least on YT threads they can say "Well ..... isn't here to speak for themself".
Suddenly I see this question of version 3 bodyguarding as being the most important of all. As long as it remains acceptable practice here then any enemy can always be protected by loyal colleagues. This is the way the elite all over the world operate.


Now think about that, and then read this:
And then think about what Nico has done.
They are a bunch of traitors.
And they are supported by the idiots:
C.B. Brooklyn
Total Idiot (I can't call him anything else)
and a few others that may not deserve to be singled out right now.
This isn't about being nice, you know.
There was nothing nice in NY on 911.
There is nothing nice in Iraq now.
And we are dealing with the same people.
So if you want a "nice" search for truth and justice, forget it.
These people do their utmost to cause maximum damage when they loose their control.
You have seen it.
They are nasty pasties.
Just like Rumplestiltskin was.

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