Monday, 9 July 2007

Will the real Dr Wood please stand up?

Dr Wood you remained silent during a fight about you except for a comment after the brawl that you made about you celebrating Capurnicus' birthday each year.
In reply I put a number of serious points to you and you did not respond.
My post to you is as relevant now as it was when I made it.
I repeat it here for you now so that you can consider an answer on this public forum:

[Now doesn't that directly address the simple issue we have been trying to clear up?
An issue that was generated whilst Morgan was inferring some variability of physical laws.
Morgan has since changed his position.
I see that there was an important ideological battle within the group that was calling for your input and you stood by and watched the group split.
This comment you just made is merely humour.
After all that has gone on, I suggest that this is the conduct of a clown.
A 911 Clown.
Can you see why I see it that way?
You have done nothing to help us develop any understanding here.
But as mentioned already, your website is good.
I don't doubt your intent to prove the use of beam weapons.
I doubt your identity with the aims of our group.
I do not see you doing anything to serve the interests of this group.
And you have watched the debate descend into chaos.
That's my problem with you.
But it all presented over a tiny philosophical point of universality.
Such is life.].

I allege that your silence was necessary to protect Morgan.
Morgan re-manoevered during the scuffle to avoid the charge of claiming variable physics, he took the less-damaging "Lying for the truth" stance, but I was already cooking your goose by that time.
Holmgren has gone.
Webfairy and I have split irreconcilably.
911insidejobbers has been destroyed from what it was.
I no longer trust Nico.
And etc..
You preferred to watch this happen than to merely state what you are aware of in your capacity as a mechanical scientist.
So your silence had a MASSIVE price.
And you weren't even being asked for a personal opinion.
So what have you got by way of justification, for allowing that to happen to arguably the most important research group allegedly working for the same aims as you?
I say that you have no way of justifying your conduct.
Your conduct certainly didn't serve the interests of establishing the truth about 911 did it?
I say that you will not answer because you know that your arguments will be exposed as baseless.
The simple fact is, Dr Wood, that:

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