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Webfairy, Nico and the smokescreen and smear campaign.

Webfairy, Nico and the smokescreen and smear campaign.


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Submitted by Coffinman on Mon, 2007-07-16 05:33.

I have proven that Nico told a lie in order to discredit me and then refused to acknowledge the lie when it was proven.
He repeated to attribute to me a statement that was made by Webfairy even after I had proved that she had said it, and when.
He tried to destroy my reputation.
Once I had done this he deleted my account, and then tried to delete all of my work here.
Fortunately Rick had removed his moderator status by that time.
Now we need to move forward, out of the rut (troll fruit-loop) created by Nico.

Why on Earth would Nico feel the need to tell such a vicious lie and attempt to destroy my credibility?

I will examine the events which provoked Nico Haupt and Rosalee Grable to personally smear me with the lies I have documented in the Post titled “Nico Haupt”:

Holmgren exposed the double thinking and duplicity of Reynolds in his pretence to be a no planer.
Reynolds released an article which contained a multitude of Lies about Holmgren, and a fatally flawed crash-physics analysis that focused on the mass of the building.
In the article he claimed that he had been a no-planer, and offered reasons for why he had lied for so long.
I pointed out that his lies had allowed the circulation of all kinds of silly ideas about what had hit the towers, and created a total confusion for people who were trying to see what we had found out.

Holmgren had also earlier pointed out that Fetzer had openly challenged Newton’s 3rd law.
Holmgren asked Wood to comment on Newton’s 3rd law and so did I, explaining the value of her potential contribution on the matter.
First she refused to comment on the issue, and when she was pressed for an answer we got her lawyer telling us that she didn’t have to answer any questions and that if she did her answers would be used to drive a wedge between her and Fetzer.

Where irreconcilable differences exist, then wedges must be driven.

Political unity was more important to her than correct science.
Reynolds didn’t correct Fetzer on his challenge to Newton either, despite his new-found openness about “No-planes”.
So Fetzer’s direct challenge to Newton’s third law was never corrected by Reynolds – who - claims to speak for crash physics - or by Wood who claims to be a mechanical scientist dedicated to truth about 911.
And Fetzer has never retracted his challenge to Newton.
And remember that these are the people promoting no-planes evidence in the mainstream media (or not, in the case of Wood).

Fetzer’s program regularly features Wood and Reynolds.
Wood’s site links to Fetzer.
Therefore they endorse Fetzer as a fellow voice of truth and they refuse to correct his lie about the variability of Newton’s 3rd law on the grounds of “Not wanting to drive a wedge”.

Do we?

Fetzer continues to promote Loose Change and the diabolical 911mysteries prominently on the front page of the “scholars” website.
The fact that so much of Wood and Reynolds’ work goes through Fetzer means that they tacitly support his promotion of Loose Change and 911mysteries, his variable 3rd law and all the other crap he has spouted.

So do Reynolds and Wood support Loose Change?
What about 911mysteries?
Have they ever spoken about the problems with the above when they have appeared on Fetzer’s show?
If they link to his stuff, and promote him as a “fellow voice for truth” whilst saying nothing about the alarming issues regarding his support of disinformation then doesn’t that indicate a tacit approval of that disinformation?

I have tried to address the issue of the planes with Fetzer.
He is fully exposed for what he is.
So why is it that he appears to be immune from the responsibility of his lies, which have been exposed?
Why do Wood and Reynolds go to Fetzer when they want publicity?
Remember I pointed out that Dr Wood has a quote on the front page of her website:
“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”.
Why is she silent on the most important issues?
Why does Reynolds not point out the errors of Fetzer’s absurd variable 3rd law of motion, after all, he says he fancies himself as a champion of crash physics!
Has there been ANY POINT where either Wood or Reynolds has pulled Fetzer about any of his lies or frauds?

I would like to ask Dr Wood when is the time that silence becomes betrayal?
Maybe when you keep your mouth shut about impossible plane crashes?
Or the lies and disinformation of Loose Change?
Or the total misrepresentation of 911mysteries?

So anyway………
Webfairy cheered Reynolds’ article with it’s fatally-flawed “mass hypothesis” (Which I had pointed out straightaway).
Reynolds had asked me “What should I say to the media” and said he wanted to go on tv to promote “no-planes”.
Holmgren suggested that as he was out of practice, Reynolds should practice his no-plane debating skills first.
He said that a debate with either Wood or Fetzer would be suitable.
As Holmgren said:
“to test whether political loyalties are still more important that than truth.”

The idea seemed good to me and I showed my enthusiasm.
I could already see that some “wedges” were in order.
We might at last get to see “the scholars” “letting the chips fall where they may”.
What could possibly be wrong with a scholarly debate on this most important issue?
Well Webfairy saw a problem.
A “pitchfork parade” against Wood was what she called it.
She called it “shitty”.

Then I was a Jackboot no-planer, Napoleon, fascist etc..
Holmgren left in a rage then, furious at Webfairy’s betrayal I suppose.
And in the argument over Wood’s silence Webfairy introduced an analysis which I disagreed with strongly and then she immediately tried to attribute the sexism to me in order to smear me and therefore discredit me.
It seems that there is something about Wood, Reynolds and Fetzer that she wishes to keep hidden.

I then posted the “story so far” here so that this could take place in view of everybody.
It was too important to continue on a small list controlled by them.

Webfairy continued to hide the real content of what had happened by yelling things like:
Jackboot no-planer.
Thought police.
And etc.

Nico was quick to join her in an attempt to ruin my reputation, but unfortunately for them I was able to show that they had knowingly lied about what had taken place in an attempt to discredit me.
In spite of his proclaimed professed mistrust of Reynolds, Wood and Fetzer, Nico resorted to lying in order to smear me personally in order to prevent any discussion of what this was really all about.

Now that we’ve dealt with the “sexism” lie, we can get look at what this was really all about

Why would Haupt and Grable support and Wood with such extreme passion?
Why would they want to destroy my reputation when I was simply trying to find the truth?

The proposal to test Reynolds in a debate with Wood was labeled as “a pitchfork parade against Wood”.
Why would that be?
You must remember that it was not Dr Wood’s stance on the planes that was the issue, the issue was to test Reynolds’ debating skills.

Obviously Wood, Fetzer and Reynolds are not independent of each other, they have an alliance that is more important to them than truth or correct science.

Webfairy says that Wood is independent from Fetzer, yet when Wood was asked to make a comment that might embarrass Fetzer, and the issue was continued by suggesting that Morgan practice debating THAT issue with Wood, Webfairy labeled it as a “Pitchfork parade against Dr Wood”.

Nico made a lot of noise and trouble to create a smokescreen, and exposed himself as a saboteur.
Now that he can no longer shield Webfairy she should return to this forum and account for why she is protecting Woods, Reynolds and Fetzer.

Does that surprise anyone?
Let’s look at that again…..

She is protecting Woods, Reynolds and Fetzer.
(And she tried to destroy me in the process.
And Holmgren left.
I can’t speak for him but I blame her for it.)

This means that she is now tacitly supporting Loose Change and 911mysteries.
Not by declaration, but by protecting Wood and Reynolds, who both protect Fetzer.
So does Nico, by launching a personal smear campaign against anyone who tries to expose this treachery and look deeper into it.

When we try to make Fetzer accountable for his promotion of Loose Change and 911 mysteries, he hides behind Wood and Reynolds and his support for unconventional demolition.
They will not criticize him.
When we try to make Reynolds or Wood accountable, WF and Nico start a campaign to smear and destroy, based on lies.

What is happening?

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