Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Orwellian mind control

The truthling movement

Just as predicted in Orwell's book, 1984, there is a drive to destroy real logic, and create an automatic function in each individual that creates false logic in order to create apparently good reasons for the total crap being put forward as the "official outlook".

It applies to everything and is being taught to our children in schools now.

Because there are those of us who do not readily take to such nonsense, the elite use mind control experts to achieve the same result by way of technical brainwashing. They can only achieve this if they have a "spell of believability", as their arguments are easily pulled apart by the truth. I have said elsewhere, always make your own mind up about each piece of evidence, and beware the leader with all the answers.

It is those who present as leaders we should worry about.

The battle for S9/11T

911 truthlingwatch

Griffin wants to write new global religion for New World Order

Holmgren and Gold: exposing doublethink

Mark Bilk attacks S11 researchers, Coffinman responds

Open letter to Steven Jones re his refusal to respond to "Crash physics for everyone"

Questions for David Griffin

9/11 'hard science' group linked to archaeology hoax

Steven Jones Murdered the development of free energy


Assorted names for the Orwellian truthlings

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