Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Covert operations

Here is a picture of a B2 bomber activating a cloak of ionised gas:

This gas cloak can glow brightly and make the craft look like a glowing ball. An orb.

The B2 is not limited to conventional propulsion, and it can hover.

The ionised gas cloak is no longer secret, but many aspects of the technology used in this aircraft are still classified as top secret.

Consider the possibility of different craft, some unmanned that use advanced technologies and are classified as secret.

Consider technologies such as the use of electromagnetics to create "electric lenses" to bend light around an object so that it cannot be seen.

Also, the reason people jumped out of the buildings has not been explained.

We know that there were no fierce fires, and nobody could have known that the towers were going to disintegrate.

There is a strong belief amongst researchers that the active denial systen and/or some other weapon could have been used to make people jump, and that the cloaked aerial vehicles could have been the platform for that.

The contents of the black ops arsenal cannot be quantified, it is after all secret.

But black ops were used on September 11, 2001.

And the evidence is mounting.


Many cloaked aerial vehicles were caught on video in operation around the World Trade centre on September 11, 2001.

A clear shot of cloaked aerial vehicles.

Look just above the a and p of "gamma press" as the "plane hits the building.
It's a tiny, blinking spherical cloud-thing.
It goes through phases of being invisible.

A close-up of an orb at WTC

There are also many in the blue sky to the right at the end of the shot.

Here's more.
Use your pause button on the second one and check out how it's apparent form changes.
Is this device anything to do with the man who is falling?
We still want to know why people jumped.

And more
Visible to the left of the tower.
Look right on the bottom on the left, in the blue sky at 0:04 -0:06 to see what I'm talking about.
There's loads of them in this video.
Look at 0:04 when a group of them comes from the left of the screen and moves up into the smoke.
And there's a dark one that appears from nowhere on the right in between the two buildings at 0:34 moving to the left.

Film of orb test flights at area 51

Thousands of these have been filmed by people all over the world.


The Hidden Advanced Aircraft of Bush's Black Operation 911

911 0ctopus part 1- Black ops and media fakery

911 octopus part 2- Star wars in New York

Black ops soldier disguised as a fireman in WTC before firemen arrived!

And what the black ops admit to looking forward to:

Future Weapons for Future Wars

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