Thursday, 25 January 2007

Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique

"Never mind the morality, give me the money."


Fighting super-criminals- Exposing their crimes

Okay, I like some of this guy's music.
The Fourth branch is real good:

He highlights bigotry, and genicide, and the brainwashing of people by the corporate media....
But then I had a problem.
Because he sings about hateful Arabs with box-cutters taking over planes and crashing them into buildings.
And the fact is that the whole scenario of planes hitting the towers and the towers turning completely and instantly to dust as a result is utterly impossible.
And the fact is also that all of the video footage of the planes is totally fake, cartoons vanishing straight into buildings.
The psy-op of September 11 was presented to the World by the corporate media.
And the fact is, that this guy tells us not to "let the corporate news tell lies to our children", yet he is there assisting them with the "evil Arab" psy-op.
So I wrote to him and gave him some links to verify what I said, just in case he's too busy in the studio to research.
No answer.
3 times.
So I sent him this:

"Immortal, I know you won't answer, but I wanted you to get this question from me, I may post it on my website:

Since you tell us all in "the fourth branch" not to let the corporate media tell lies to our children, and since you sing in "cause of death" about hateful Muslims prepared to die to destroy our way of life using box cutters to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, and since any fool knows that the only planes that went into any buildings that day were the cartoons presented by the corporate media, does that then make you a "bitch nigga"?


He never responded.

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