Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The fraudulent Bolshevik revolution

We are told a story of the Russian masses taking the power of the country into their own hands.

That is not what happened.

The philosophy of Marxism was carefully crafted by those who had thus far been manipulating Human knowledge and history.

From their true understanding of reality they were able to weave a crock of shit so convincing that even the most analytical of minds would believe that they were looking at the very science that exposed the laws of historical development of Human society.

The bit they left out was that we had been lied to about the true nature of reality.

All traditional cultures have been invaded and traditional knowledge is rare.

They burned the books in Europe, and our knowledge with it.

And they killed those who held knowledge.

And they left out the bit that the clique who took control of Russia did so for an ancient secret group that has been working on a "work of ages", a long-term plan over millenia that ends in a world totally controlled by a single committee and everybody under total surveilence and control.

The conquering of Russia and the elimination of the Russian Royal family was one stage of the plan

The formation of Israel was another

Our children today have been dumbed down by having material gradually removed from the school syllabuses, under the guise of learning more relevant things in their place.

So we drop quadratic equations and learn how to fill in a spreadsheet instead.

We are learning to use technology that we cannot possibly construct, and our knowledge of how to do real things is been taken away in the process.

Then we are reliant on the technology and those who produce it.

The Russian revolution is presented as a success of the masses in overthrowing their oppressors, but in fact, they ended up with a terror much worse that of their own Sovereign.

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