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The suppression of truth on the David Icke forum

I recently used David Icke's forum to post a few important articles and I quickly found that there is a strict immediate censorship of certain materials and that no discussion is allowed of how these principles are applied to the truth.

Be aware that the post I made which caused this to become apparent was extremely shocking and disturbing, but I do not believe that it was "discriminatory".

I posted a link to an analysis of the video "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. The depravity of those who control the direction of popular thinking is laid bare for all to see in this video analysis It is indeed deeply disturbing to know that we are being programmed by these methods from childhood.


Here is the warning I received at the forum:

Dear damienduffy,

You have received an infraction at David Icke's Official Forums.

Reason: Discussing Moderation on the Forum - First Notice
Hi there, discussing moderation and/ or making threads or posts about it is against the guidelines of the forum, please read these, thanks.

This infraction is worth 3 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:


Originally Posted by damienduffy:
I have been informed that the analysis of the "Beat it" video ("What lies in plain sight") is considered "Hompophobic" and that posting it here is counter to forum rules.

This immediately raises the question of the limits to the type of discussion that can be held on this forum.

There was no incitement of negative action towards any group of people in the posted material, nor any suggestion that there was something to be hated about all people of a particular description.

What there was, was an in-depth analysis of how behaviour that is counter to traditional social norms has been secretly embedded into vastly popularised material in order to affect changes in thinking throughout the whole of society. THIS IS MEMETICS AT ITS BEST. THIS IS "MAJIK"!


But the content that is being embedded relates to a mode of behaviour that has been the subject of much controversy and it seems that discussion of anything that touches on this subject is to be considered "hate-speak" here.

Which causes me to wonder-

Should my recent posting of the book documenting the confirmed history of Jewish ritual murder be seen in the same light, according to the same logic? Even though it in no way accuses "all Jews"?

What about the information that exists relating to Israeli involvement in 911? Is that to be seen as "hate-speak" here?

Would we be able to discuss the role of Britain and the Vatican in the genocide of native North Americans? Would that be considered prejudiced against British people? Or is it okay to talk about that because it involves the "queen"?

What about what the Americans are doing in Afghanistan, can we talk about that?

I do not want to ever make prejudiced posts, but if I must avoid important issues due to political correctness then I would rather keep my mouth shut.

[End quote].

All the best,
David Icke's Official Forums


So the Icke forum operates in the same "boxed-in" way that Icke accuses the World of.

Just like Icke would say:

"You couldn't make it up".

This isn't about any negative view towards homosexuality, it's about the control of information available on thie forum and the complete stamping on any discussion of how the material that is allowed for discussion is filtered.

This is David Icke's forum operating according to the same controlled-knowledge principle that Icke apparently speaks out against. Which OBVIOUSLY means that NOBODY is going to learn the truth of the World from either David Icke or his website.

The deletion of my final post proves that they don't want this cat to get out of the bag.

My last post, titled "My last post it seems" was I thought carefully worded to not breach any rules or offend the administrators. It read:

I am compelled to stop posting here due to reasons that I am unable to disclose here.

I wish you all the best.

You can follow my news feed on Facebook~:

[End post)

Apparently that message was too hot for them to leave on the board!

"Crash physics for everyone" was allowed to be posted there recently. I sent this material to Icke in 2006 and he ignored it.

The article explains why the most basic physics principle show that the alleged explanations of aircraft crashing into buildings on 911 are completely impossible and this proof immediately implicates the media networks that broadcast fake and real-time-CGI "live" video.

The trolls on the forum threw their very best sticks at the idea, and this was a good thing, because the principles were easily defended and stand true.

Nobody has been able to refute "Crash physics for everyone" since it was written 7 years ago as an open challenge to Professor Steven Jones (who did not respond). Hopefully it will stay up on the david Icke forum. It is a 2-part thread:

David Icke presents as if he is exposing all of the lies in the World, when in fact what he really presents is a package of concepts, some of which are true indeed (but then often well-known also, e.g. Aspartame, Fluoride), some of which may be totally fictitious, and some of which are gross misrepresentation. The information that he leaves out is extremely important.

The largest gross misrepresentation of course, which is backed up by the "shape-shifting lizard" theory is that the current royal family is legitimate.

[The Royal line was broken after Henry II as revealed by Tony Robinson here:]

! The above is know understood to be a distraction, please read Greg Hallet's extremely informative comments below.

And then the de facto illegitimate line was broken [again], with de facto queen Victoria having had a (de facto) legitimate heir from a first marriage, one Marcos Manuel, the descendands of whome have made a current claim to the throne that is currently being ignored by Buckingham Palace and Downing Street.

The spooky goings-on at the David Icke forum started when I first posted this information about the current claim to the throne there and the thread went missing, then it re-appeared with a rubbish title that would not interest anybody. It seems to have gone again. You can learn all about it here:

Coffinman has never contributed on a forum where the sword of truth must be made to avoid valid targets as they present, and never will. To do so would be to give the false impression of a free discussion. The staff on David Icke website must have felt that this would have been apparent from my last post there and therefore deleted it.


logicfish said...

True about the royals being unlawful heirs to the throne; there's so little human DNA left on this planet that it's hard to say whether their lizards or any other species.
Icke has adds for "Mike Dillards Elevation Group" on his site, that's about the worst ponzi going, in IM that is. see and google for james stein (dillard took stein to court for ranking higher in search - and won because stein never attended the hearing).

Unknown said...

" Tony Robinson is 'the Fool' who became the Crown Agent !
The Legitimate father (discounted in Tony Robinson's documentary) was within riding distance . . . and
Conception is taken from the birth, back 9 months, and then it is plus or minus 18 days.

In this timeframe, the Legitimate Father (the King) was around his Queen.

Second - French Interests were in the English Palace and English Interests were in the French Palace.
the enemies in the palace often write conspiracies in order to take over in that Generation or the next.
One such Conspiracy would be to record "he looks like this Knight and not like that King", and "everyone knows that".

Third - Rumours are that Tony Robinson is himself a queen - i.e. a Cross-dresser.

Fourth - You have to look at what happens after Tony Robinson's documentary, which was announcing QEII as illegitimate and all Royals Illegitimate.
After that documentary, Tony Robinson was awarded a Queen's Medal, with the Sword done by the Illegitimate Prince William (son of King Juan Carlos of Spain), thus legitimising-a-little Prince William.

This suggests Tony Robinson was working for Elizabeth II all along, and
Tony Robinson's story was a planted distraction from the real story which is the Legitimate Claim to the Throne from Queen Victoria's Legitimate Firstborn Marcos Manoel.
This is the Five Volume series 'THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose' - 1200 pages, 700 photographs, publ. Sept 2014, but initial 200 page copies around from May 2010.

This is what Queen Tony Robinson was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II to distract from.

Queen Elizabeth II then promoted the 'Change to the Laws of Succession' to cover for the fact that Marcos Manoel was Queen Victoria's Legitimate Firstborn,
and All of the British Royal Family was thereafter Made evermore Illegitimate. As such . . .
King Edward VII was Illegitimate ;
King George V was Illegitimate ;
King George VI was legitimate, but a retard (IQ 67) and not allowed to sire a child ;
Queen Elizabeth II is Illegitimate ;
Prince Charles has no Legitimate Children ;
Prince William is Illegitimate ; and his son
Pr. George is Illegitimate.

The last Legitimate King of England was Marcos Manoel, Made King John II (R. 1869-1910). "

Greg Hallett

Unknown said...

Preview and buy the books at

More infos:

Unknown said...

For our non-fa£$€book Inc records, Damien, the ONLY thing I added to your lawful-money community post here, are the title words "Is it legal, decent, honest and truthful?"....

Otherwise please do feel free, £-free of charge, to freely express and explain whatever it is you do want to express and explain. Nine posts so far, compared to my 1,632, including in response to Andrew Johnson, might also give us a clue or two.