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Andrew Card - CMSI - FEMA

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Recent postings jogged a memory of info I attained while tracing Richard Armitage's connections to the 2000 Florida vote theft. I was surprised at the time to find Andrew Card, Chief-of Staff to the POTUS, as coming from a back-ground as VP of an affiliated company.

If FEMA was ready to cover the bases in New York on 9-11-2001, they were trained and screened before hand.

Andrew Card was in charge of FEMA response to hurricane Andrew that devastated Florida for Bush '41.

He could well be the weak link to the planning & participation silence.

Andy's Reverend wife may be the key to un-locking this plot to betray American citizen's liberty to a global dictatorship.
Card - CMIS corp.

"... Mr. Card is presently serving as vice president of CMIS Corp., a computer software engineering firm located in Vienna, Va. ..."

Raju Tamrakar was looking for a job in 2000,

This man's resume states:
Designed an Automated Electronic Data Interface module
> to exchange data
> between FEMA's NEMIS-Human Services module and Small
> Business
> Administration (SBA)'s Legacy system using FEMA's
> Internet FTP site. The effort
> included, coordination of technical and program people
> from both systems, JAD
> sessions, data modeling, and development of System
> Requirements Specification
> document.
Computer Programmer/Analyst
> CMIS Corporation - Federal Emergency Management Agency
> (FEMA)
> Vienna, VA.
> January 1991 - January 1994.
Repaired and maintained Radio Navigation Equipment
> including Very High
> Frequency (VHF), High Frequency (HF), Single Side Band
> (SSB), Non-Directional
> Beacon (NDB) transmitters and receivers, Doppler VOR
> and Distance Measuring
> Equipment (DME) used by all areas of Airport Traffic
> Control personnel.
He can be sourced at;


And with zero proof of relationship, I do not hesitate to offer another connection I'm sure exists.

a. bradford card

+ U.S. Federal Affairs
+ U.S. State & Local Affairs
+ Government Markets

+ Health Care
+ Homeland Security
+ Appropriations
+ Education

Serving as Managing Principal, Brad Card has extensive knowledge of public policy and public relations. He has been politically active his entire life, having assisted President George H.W. Bush’s election efforts in 1979 and continuing his activism through the 2000 recount and election of President George W. Bush.

Brad has also provided consultation to numerous elected officials including Governors and Members of Congress. Mr. Card served with the New Hampshire State Police as a state prosecutor, uniform trooper and as an undercover narcotics detective.

Upon coming to Washington D.C., Mr. Card served in the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of National Drug Control Policy and then he moved on to be the Government Relations Manager for 3M Company’s Traffic Controls Material Division in the Northeast. Mr. Card then served as Chief of Staff to Congressman John E. Sweeney (R-NY), where he oversaw all political, policy and appropriations issues. Furthermore, he directed the Congressman’s efforts on the House Steering Committee, as well as his efforts as a member of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Executive Committee.

A graduate of Saint Anselm College, Mr. Card is married with two children and resides in McLean, VA.

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