Friday, 9 March 2007

Alex Jones mocks the fight for the truth about 911

At a time when the evidence for TV FAKERY of the events that we were shown as live news OVERWHELMING, Prisonplanet has run a link titled "TV Fakery Still a Conpiracy Theory?".

The link does not take you to any article exposing the faking of airplane crashes into buildings, however, it takes you to this BBC article about bogus tv phone-in competitions.

This is an attempt by Prisonplanet to hijack the term "tv fakery" and associate it with trivia.

It is an attack on the valid research into the media deception that was carried out on 911.

The BBC did the same thing when they made a film about rendition flights titled "Ghostplane".

Well now that we know that those videos of the planes are all 2-D the arguments about the planes themselves are irrelevant anyway.

Here's the lastest video from Fred:

What TV fakery really means:

One of these videos is real, and one of these videos is fake.

From "Fred".

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